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Partnership RONALDO MARTINS & Advogados AND RIPOL Alliance Global Wealth Strategies

New business boundaries

In a constantly changing world, we must pay attention to the business opportunities, wherever they may be, especially when we operate in sensitive areas, such as those involving legal advisory and equity management.

It was in such context that the firm Ronaldo Martins & Advogados decided to enter into a partnership with RIPOL Alliance Global Wealth Strategies.

It is a Multifamily Office headquartered in Miami, with worldwide actuation, distinguished from the competitors in several aspects, starting by its actuation model. More than search for options to preserve the equity of the clients, the experts associated to RIPOL elaborate short, medium and long-term strategies, having as base the strengthening of the earnings over time.

This is possible thanks to a different approach, based on a multidisciplinary vision that covers a range of highly specialized services, such as portfolio investments, mergers and acquisitions, tax planning, change of tax domicile, lease/purchase of properties abroad. After all, the best options to meet the client’s requirements, in all phases of his/her life and of his/her executive and entrepreneurial career.

“The increasing integration of the Brazilian economy on the global stage brings opportunities on several fronts. For such reason, we decided to seek innovative services to serve our clients even better”, said the lawyer Ronaldo Martins, founding partner of the firm that bears his name.

While the actuation of RIPOL Alliance Global Wealth Strategies is focused beyond the Brazilian boundaries, the firm Ronaldo Martins & Advogados will act with complementary, but not less strategic services, in the domestic market. Therefore, the clients will be able to count, at once, on experts in legal and equity strategies, with access to the main markets of the five continents.

RIPOL ALLIANCE Global Wealth Strategies

A paradigm shift, taking the wealth management to a new era