What is your most valuable asset?

If we make this question for executives and businessmen living in the United States, China, France, Japan, England, Singapore and also here in Brazil, their answers shall vary greatly. However, surely they will include two essential components: the life and the welfare of their family.

And it could not be different. Regardless of the position you occupy in the social pyramid, the human being continues to be guided by values based on the preservation and development of his/her immediate family. Both in the intellectual and in the human aspect, and in relation to the equity.

The equity building is very time consuming and requires a lot of dedication. To know where one wants to reach and the legacy one intends to live to the family and to the society is important. But in order to be successful in this journey, it is required to define strategies. And this is valid for those who are in the initial phase, at the time of consolidation or those who have as mission to preserve and increase the achievements of their ancestors.


A paradigm shift, taking the wealth management to a new era