A paradigm shift, leaving the asset management to a new era

Ripol Alliance, a unique Multifamily Office, where we develop a practical concept, combining the foundations of the equity and legal planning with our strong financial knowledge.



Full equity management through our knowledge, expertise and skills, in order to maximize earnings, make profitable and perpetuate your equity, wherever the opportunities are, turning it into an instrument capable of generating well-being for your family and build your personal legacy. For such purpose, we have a multidisciplinary team and global partners working with medium- and long-term strategic vision.

Our process


Equity planning

Development of the equity planning of our clients, in order to preserve the equity more efficiently under the tax, succession and operating point of view. One of our major competitive advantages is the formulation of strategies to strengthen and enhance, continuously and constantly, the assets accumulated by the past generations. Therefore, we make possible to ensure that the family legacy will be passed from generation to generation, in increasingly solid foundations.

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Legal equity strategies

Legal analysis of the aspects related to the equity management and maintenance, including relevant factors such as the residence, for legal purposes, of the equity holders; as well as the place where their businesses are based.
From there, we carry out a critical evaluation of the set of legal risks to which the several assets included in the equity are exposed and how they can be protected: individually and as a whole.

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Equity management

Activity dedicated to the specific financial management of our clients, seeking independently the best financial investment options within the concepts of diversification and allocation, according to the investment profile of each client. For such purpose, we have a varied portfolio of financial institutions with which we operate, enlarging the range of options, according to each specific requirement and objective.

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Development of new business

Area devoted to the advisory of our clients about the existing opportunities of direct investments in the so-called Real Economy. We do this by means of the advisory for M&A operations and joint ventures, for example. We also answer to the specific demands of our clients related to the real estate market, for investment in properties of personal or commercial use. Our approach also includes other products related to the equity formation and protection, such as life and asset insurance. For such purpose, we act in the relationship management with other independent professionals. A true customized service within the concept of Concierge.

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A paradigm shift:

We develop solutions to help you enjoy life with your Family,
plan for future generations, protect your assets
and build your legacy.