What is the meaning we shall seek in our lives?

One of the most celebrated gurus of conscious capitalism, Raj Sisodia, helped to introduce the “purpose” in the economic discussions. According to him, more and more businessmen and entrepreneurs are not guiding their lives anymore only by factors such as labor and accumulation of assets. In practice, this can be seen in the importance given to moments with family and friends. According to such philosophy, the work continues being a fundamental activity in the personal development and in the development of the society. However, it cannot be an end in itself. Or, in other words, there comes a time when we can devote more space to the family than to the building and consolidation of assets.

And who may help us in this task are the professionals qualified to interpret the economic challenges, the legal meanders and those who act based on a degree of excellence in the provision of service.

Think about it. After all, when you trust the equity of your family to a group of experts, you are thinking not only about avoiding losses or maximizing profits. But, mainly, perpetuating a legacy. Your name and everything it represents to your descendants and to the society.


A paradigm shift, taking the wealth management to a new era